RV Park & Storage

General Information

All guests at the JFTB RV Park and Storage must register at the Billeting office in building 19, during office hours prior to entering. Check-in time is after 1300 hours and check-out is before 1100 hours. Guests failing to vacate their assigned site and do not return keys by check-out time will be charged an additional day of rent.


The following personnel are eligible to use the JFTB RV Park(s) and Storage: Active Duty, Retired Military Personnel, and DoD employees. *Military identification will be required to verify affiliation.


Reservations are required and will be accepted with use of a credit card or cash only. Reservations may be made in person or by phone at (562) 795-2124. Guests will need to pick up utility key and site plaque at the Billeting office Bldg. #19.

Check-In: 1300
Check-Out: 1100
*All reservations can be made 1-year in advance.


RV Guest is required to return key(s) and site plaque to Billeting office Bldg. #19 by the departure time (1100). If guest time does not comply with departure procedures an additional night’s rate and a lost key fee will be charged to the guest.

Length of Stay

Reservations may be made for a maximum of 30-days at a time for all RV Guests. Sites may become available past 30-days based on availability. Refer to Billeting office for further information.

Recreational Vehicles & Site Info

An RV is defined as a registered and licensed self-contained vehicle designated to be lived in. SUVs and commercial tractor-trailer rigs are not considered RVs and will not be eligible to rent sites. No camping tens, boats, ATVs, or oversized trailers will be allowed in the park. Easy ups and pop ups will be allowed to provide shade, but must remain on your reserved cement slab. All extra equipment must fit on to the rented site cement slab. One car per site, no extra parking spots are available. RVs must possess a working restroom and shower due to no facilities on location.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 2300-0530. No excessive noise is allowed at any time. Generators must be turned off from 2200-0600.

Daily Maintenance

The area around the rented RV spot must always be kept clean and orderly. You will be advised and warned to remove excess clutter. No camping tents allowed. Trash will be placed in proper receptacles and is not permitted to accumulate around the site. Hazardous waste must be properly disposed of off Base (i.e. oil, gas, propane, etc.). All vehicles must be in good working condition and self-sufficient (no showers or restrooms available). Failure to clean the rented RV site of debris before departure will result in a site cleaning fee of $50. All RVs must use an oil drip pan.


Pets must always be leashed and under control of their owner. Leashes are limited to 10-feet in length. Ensure your pet is quiet and not left unattended at any time. Pet owners are responsible for pick up and disposal of droppings throughout the RV Park. There is a three (3) domestic pet maximum allowed per RV. Pets must remain in the designated RV Park area. Guest that fails to clean up after their pets or follow the above rules will be removed from the park and not allowed to make future reservations.

Sunset RV Park

Daily Rates

Active Duty Military, DoD Civilians, and Official Business
$28.00 per night: allowed maximum of 4 people. An extra $1.50 per person.

Space Available
$33.00 per night: allowed maximum of 4 people. An extra $1.50 per person.

Legacy RV Park

Active Duty Military, DoD Civilians, Official Business, and Space Available
$23.00 per night: allowed maximum of 4 people.


Active Duty Military, DoD Civilians, and Official Business
$40.00 per month: up to 20-feet

Space Available
$48.00 per month: up to 24-feet